Grit Bins – Update

We discussed the gritting situation at Tuesday’s parish council meeting and we agreed the following. Because of the road adoption issues we have to take two approaches to gritting. For those roads that are unadopted, we cannot provide grit or bins at the moment. The main reason for this is because WCC will not grit or provide grit to unadopted roads. Therefore we will be asking The Consortium to grit these roads when necessary until they are adopted. We would also encourage residents to keep a bag of their own grit in their garage or shed so that if we get any more situations like before, residents can use it to make the paths and roads outside their houses safer for everyone. We will be saying more on the topic of road adoption in a another announcement within the next day or two. As for the adopted roads, we have already started to discuss the placement of grit bins with WCC as their approval is needed before these bins can be installed. It is our intention to publish these draft plans here before they are formally agreed so that residents can raise any concerns. We shall post any significant updates to this website and the CPC Facebook page too. At the moment, we do not have any indication of the timescales involved, but when we know more, we will keep you informed.

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