At its ordinary meeting on 19th March 2024 Cawston Parish Council resolved to begin work to produce a Neighbourhood Plan. The development of a Neighbourhood Plan is quite a lengthy process but will be very beneficial to Cawston in the future.
Our neighbourhood plan would cover issues important to us all as residents, and could include:
• Protecting the remaining land and access to space in Cawston
• encouraging developments in line with residents’ needs
• Managing access routes to the village – improving roads, cycle lanes or foot paths,
• Prioritising biodiversity and environmental consideration
• Maintaining and improving local infrastructure – such as electric charging points, bus routes, renewable energy.
• Community interest items – including purchasing green space or adopting playgrounds
• Saving the parish money and time fighting local development that is not in line with the Neighbourhood Plan

To create our neighbourhood plan, the Parish Council needs the support and interest of the residents. If you would like to join a committee to develop this document and share your ideas, please email the Parish Clerk.