Warwickshire Police have a newly appointed Traffic Safety Officer, Gary Strain who is working to establish Community Speed Watch Teams across the county. Included below are some details but if you are interested in learning more or being trained on the use of the speed gun then please contact the Parish Clerk. Once sufficient interest has been made in setting up a CSW team in Cawston, the Parish Council has agreed to purchase a speed gun and set up a training event.
• The purpose of the Community Speed Watch Volunteers is not to act as police but to have an impact on drivers’ behaviour, hopefully changing drivers’ habits, and patterns. They monitor traffic and note the vehicle information of those drivers who are travelling in excess of the speed limit. (10% +2)
• The old-style laser guns which cost around £1000 and needed to be calibrated at least once a year are no longer required.
• The Bushnell Radar Speed Gun is now the recommended choice, and it is available for about £200.
• The guns are lightweight, smaller and easier to handle. They do not need calibration.
• Training of volunteers takes approximately 10-20 mins (the old course with the laser guns was half a day with an exam at the end)
• Warwickshire Police will permit its CSW Volunteers to operate on adopted roads which have a limit of 30mph or 40mph for a period of up to 60 mins per day.
• A team of four people per shoot is ideal; one for clicker counting cars, another to act as a H&S representative, the third to operate the gun and the fourth to note the vehicle reg, colour and make.
• The vehicles which are reported as travelling over the speed limit will receive a letter from Warwickshire Police. Repeat offenders will be visited in person by a police officer.