Landscaping Works around Henge Walk/Whitefriars Drive/Lawford Lane

Residents may have noticed some work being undertaken on the trees & hedgerows in and around Henge Walk, Whitefriars Drive & Lawford Lane. These areas are due to be transferred to Rugby Borough Council shortly and the developer is required to carry out these works before the transfer can happen. Rugby Borough Council did request that affected residents be informed of the works but sadly this did not happen.

Scott Ballard from Rugby Borough Council provided the Parish Council with the following information regarding the works:

‘The hedge is being reduced to get the height to a standard that can be maintained in the future; as its growing taller, the base-thickness is thinning and the height reduction will improve this issue – so while the hedge will look a little weak now, it will recover and should create a better screen than it currently is. Good hedge-line trees are being left as is, with some trimming and the evergreens are also being left. Sight lines are also to be maintained at the path entrances with the roads.

There are some large trees to be felled within the site that (on plan) is to be a play area; these are Ash which are suffering the ‘die-back’ disease. The track, adjacent to this site, running from Bilton Lane to Whitefriars is also being, drastically, cut-back to create a proper verge/hedge demarcation line.’