Woodland Trust Planting the Whips

The Woodland Trust are planning on planting around 2000 ‘whips’ (young trees for anyone like me that wasn’t sure) just off Cawston Grange Drive. They would very much like some community involvement, so if anyone would like to bring a spade and help with the planting, they are encouraged to do so. There will be a Team on hand to explain where they are to be planted and offer guidance.

Planting of the initial batch is planned for Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st January as well as Friday 1st February. You don’t need to book anything, just turn up on the day with a spade and sufficient energy and enthusiasm. In the past the whips have been around 1ft or so long; so just a matter of ‘spading’ a slit and feeding the root into the ground, firming with a heel. There will also be shelters and short stakes to cover the whips. 

The plan is to be planting from about 9am to about 1pm, dependant upon when the whips are delivered and the weather mostly.